Who We Are

We are dynamicly developing a value-added technology provider of interactive and collaboration technologies for digital workspaces. Our main target is implementing the innovative hardware and software solutions in corporate, education and public administration by ICT. In this field we are one of the leaders.
We are partner of Vivitek, AVer Information, ClassVRFaronics, TurningShape Robotics, SoftBank Robotics, Evoko, Smart Media Solutions, Mersive Technologies and the other suppliers. We are a respectable company because of our stability, reliability, professionality and financial independance.

What We Do

We provide new, modern interactive and innovative collaboration and learning technologies to create productive workspace, which beganing more and more popular around the world. eTechnology takes an enterprising approach to help manufacturers, resellers and distributors maximise the opportunities available.

The specialists of our company will provide every client with the best decision, which will satisfy his needs – from standard offers to the individually developed projects. We sponsor many events in orders to promote these technologies for our market.

For Partners

eTechnology enables resellers to maximise business opportunities by providing the best possible technology products, as well as the support needed to reach the widest possible audience. The support includes:

Product demonstrations
Product delivery
End user campaigns
Technical support

For Manufacturers

Our wide dealer network in all regions gives an opportunity to deliver high-quality equipment to any destination in the country, to give timely and professional technical and service support to all customers.
eTechnology can provide the support a manufacturer needs to deliver a new product to market effectively. We care about introducing new technologies and building profitable markets that will benefit both our partners and employees.

eTechnology provides commercial know-how, innovative marketing and effective delivery to reach the widest possible target audience for every product.

If you are a prospective supplier who would like to learn more, please contact us.

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